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Having a good relationship with my clients is important to me and I’m pleased to say I’ve got on very well with almost everyone I’ve worked with. Here’s what a few of my clients have had to say about me.
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Massage World

Website Design

"Andy and newearthvision have provided an exceptional service. Having built a professional and enjoyable partnership over seven years now we are still finding new ways of improving our website for our readers.
We think our website looks very professional and that's very important for a small business. I have recommended his services to many of my clients."

IT Hound (UK)

Web Design that's secure and amazing!

Andy at New Earth vision has been providing Web support to my business for over seven years and he has produced two websites for me; firstly in Joomla then in Wordpress.

Not only does he know how to construct an efficient website he has also been able to help get my products and services found locally by implementing an SEO strategy.

I like the fact that he works from Peru which means by the time I wake up in the morning everything is online and ready!

Carl, Founder of IT Hound

Another Planet Peru

Wordpress Web Design

Andy did an amazing job! He is an incredible web designer. Talented, Patience and Congenial. Andy will make it happen with a smile. Thank you Andy!

Sally Lever Coaching

Wordpress Website Design

"Andy did much of the work in helping me convert my website from an outdated and cumbersome content management system to Wordpress when Wordpress was in its infancy. Then a year or 2 later, he updated it again for me to a more current and flexible Wordpress template. Having known and worked with Andy for several years now I have found him to be flexible, creative, knowledgeable and courteous in his approach. He offers good value for money and I regard him as a key member of my mutual support network in running my business."

The Bodywork Studio

Wordpress Website Design

"Andy built my Wordpress site to my specification and on time. Over time it has gone through many changes and Andy has always been there with help and guidance when I needed it. The fact that he is on the other side of the world, in a completely different time zone, presents no problems at all. I found him very knowledgable and patient and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a site that is more than just an online brochure."

The Grief Education Programme

Wordpress Design

"Andy has been great at getting my website up and running, helpful, supportive and above all patient! He always met any deadlines I had which might have been difficult given the time difference between us, but it was never an issue! I still have more things I want and need to do in my business and Andy is the person I would approach firstly..Thanks Andy!"

Shamanic Practitioner


“My website was already bringing in new clients based on my own research to ensure it was effective as possible, but my consultation with Andy Metcalfe revealed that there were several very straightforward factors concerning the content I had missed and other areas I had not realised were important to help my site to rank more highly with search engines. Andy explained in simple terminology how his recommendations could improve my site and I found his practical and friendly approach very helpful. I am now looking forward to even better responses in the coming months.”

Sally Lever


“I have consulted Andy about making modifications to my website and found him to to be very open and approachable. He listened carefully to what I had to say and very quickly reached an understanding of what I was hoping to achieve. I’ve learned a lot about internet marketing and website design as a result of my consultation with Andy and am now a lot clearer on which solutions would be most applicable to my needs.” -

NLP Practitioner

Web design and SEO

“While many testimonials on people’s websites appear overcrowded with superlatives [which often makes me as their reader think they might be on the verge of fiction], I’ll keep this one down to earth and as it really is. I have several business ventures of which all are largely internet based. For years, though, I’ve been going the road of learning the tech stuff around maintaining and marketing my websites totally alone, accompanied by patchy information from many sources and mighty ripoffs by SEO companies out there. But when I read Andy’s ebook on internet marketing, I intuitively knew this guy made sense and would be the person I’ve been waiting all my life for to help me. He transfered one of my websites onto WordPress and advised me on its SEO. I seriously cannot describe in words what masses of value he added to my life. Now I’ve plugged all the patches from the past and at times even teach others how to do certain things online… Andy is a serious expert and has certainly withstood my rather demanding requirements. At times even he admitted that there were things he was doing for the first time! But no job is too small, nor too big – Andy will find an answer to everything! If I wouldn’t recommend Andy for all your website-related jobs, I wouldn’t recommend anybody.”

Giving a Click

Web design

“Andy Metcalfe is a great person to do business with, not only is he a professional at his job. But he will also go the extra mile to make sure that your site is working as you would like it to work. I can only recommend that you use his services.” - – Giving A Click

Madeleine Harvey Massage Therapy

Web Design and SEO

“I am delighted with the website and search engine rankings that have been achieved to date. I have seen an increase in traffic to my website and unbelievably it has already nearly paid for itself. My new clients have reported choosing to use my services because of how professional my website looked!”

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