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“I am delighted with the website and search engine rankings that have been achieved to date. I have seen an increase in traffic to my website and unbelievably it has already nearly paid for itself. My new clients have reported choosing to use my services because of how professional my website looked!” – Madeleine Harvey – htttp://harrogatemassagetherapist.co.uk

New Earth Vision specialise in building great looking websites that get found easily by your target market in the search engines. We build all our websites using the WordPress Content Management System which we believe is one of the best content management systems in the world

Why Choose New earth Vision to build your website?

If you need a new website, either because you’re not happy with your existing website or because you’re a new business, then you’ve probably discovered you have a lot of options available and all with different price tags attached. What are the benefits of choosing one service over another?

Here’s why you should consider using New Earth Vision to build you a website

A website that puts you in control

You probably  aren’t an IT expert but you still want to be able to edit your website yourself, without getting a headache while doing it!

Once your website is built and operational, and once we have worked our SEO magic on it to get it to the top of Google rankings, we give it to you! But there’s nothing to fear. Wordpress has been designed with the IT novice in mind. It was designed to be used by anyone with minimum fuss and headaches.

You can access your WordPress Control panel from any browser, so in theory you can edit your website from anywhere in the world be it from a laptop or internet cafe.

Things that you can easily do yourself include:

  • Add new pages if you expand the services you offer
  • Add new blog posts & comments, or news articles
  • Keep the content fresh by making periodic changes to the site ( excellent for keeping the site at the top of Google as well!)
  • Manage and edit the client testimonials page as you see fit.
  • Add videos, photos or audio to enhance the personality of your website

Complete flexibility at your fingertips and you don’t need to have any technical skills for this! We have thought of everything for you in order to leave you with the job of keeping your many new clients happy.

A website that’s future proof!

The modern internet is a constantly evolving landscape of new ideas and experiences and it’s easy to get left behind. Many websites today appear like relics from a distant past – and we’re not just talking about websites that were built  many years ago. Many web design companies today remain stuck in the past and their offerings show it.

At New Earth Vision we wanted to provide a service with a difference – affordable websites that will always keep up with the times – AND stay at the top of the search engines – which is the only place that matters!

For that reason we build our websites using WordPress. WordPress is an award winning, state-of-the-art content management system that makes managing your website a breeze. WordPress has a huge team of world class developers constantly improving and updating the software. Each time a new version is released you simply click on a button to update it. Not only that but WordPress is infinitely extendible. Thousands of plug-ins have been created for WordPress that add aditional functionality – all of which you can install with a click of a button. Whether it’s Facebook integration you want, Twitter integration, or some site that hasn’t even been invented yet, you can virtually guarantee that there will be WordPress plugin that will do the job.

WordPress is also template driven which means that changing the design and look of your site is dead easy. Should you ever desire a fresh new look you’ll never have to build a whole new web site. You simply get a new WordPress template – either custom designed or from one of the many websites where you can buy or download them for free.

In short, we believe that a WordPress website is future proof.  Unless you develop some extremely radical new requirements then it’s highly unlikely that you will ever need to invest in a new website because you feel you’ve outgrown your old one.. You can guarantee that a WordPress website will always be able to keep up with the times.

Click here to see some of the key features of WordPress

Websites that get top search engine rankings

If your website can’t get found in the search engines then it’s of little value to you, because very few people will ever visit. A website without visitors is like a shop without customers, and the best way to get hundreds, or even thousands, of new visitors who are interested in what you offer, is to get your site ranked highly in the search engines.

Recently a market research company called the Kelsey Group found that as much as 97% of consumers (who have an internet connection) now use the Internet to research the buying of products or services. People are no longer using traditional methods like the Yellow Pages, in fact  Bill Gates, the head of Microsoft, said in 2007 that he thinks “Yellow Page usage amongst people below 50 will drop to near zero over the next five years.

Most people are not even using the Yellow Pages Website either. Instead they’re using common search engines like Google and Yahoo to find what they’re looking for.

The Kelsey group survey also researched into what tools people are using when they search online. They found that

  • 90% use regular search engines
  • 48% use Internet Yellow Pages
  • 42% use comparison shopping sites
  • 24% use vertical sites (an example of a vertical site would be a therapist directory)

The simplest and most effective form for long term business success is constant exposure to your potential clients. Your New Earth Vision website will get you to the only place that matters, top of the rankings on Google. Research conducted into peoples search habits have found that between 70% and 90% of people never look past the first page of search results!

Many businesses already have nicely designed websites with some good content, however no one will see it if its on the 5th page of a Google search. You need to be on the front page of Google now, and we will get you there.

Websites with social media integration

As we stated previously, the internet is constantly evolving. Perhaps the most significant evolution of the internet over the last few years is in the realm of social media, particularly social networking sites like Facebook. Chances are that you’re already using Facebook and so do most of your friends and clients. Everyone from kids and even their grannies are using social networking sites and recent studies have agreed that social networking is unlikely to be a passing fad (although like everything, it will change and evolve).

Many business owners, including therapists, are having a lot of success by developing and using a social media strategy. Services like Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn & Ecademy are enabling therapists to access more people who need their services.

Your website can easily be linked to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, and all the other social media sites that expand your businesses influence online. The most successful enterprises are leveraging the power of social media to great effect and with your new site, you will too.

We will provide you with the guidance of how to use these sites as part of the package you get. Having a New Earth Vision website will make actively participating in social media a breeze.

You will have the ability to add value to what you are offerin by integrating your very own blog or online diary. Once you are top of the Google ranking, the new visitor wills have more reason to stay on your site and buy into your expertise.

A website with a blog

If you spend a lot of time on the internet then you’re probably aware that blogging has become a huge phenomenon over the last 5 years or so. Perhaps you’re wondering what all the fuss is about.  Here are a few reasons why many business owners are finding tremendous value in having a blog:

  • It’s an easy publishing tool. A blog allows you to easily write and publish new pages to your website at the push of a button.
  • A blog allows you to easily communicate with your clients  and prospects in a non-intrusive manner. Websites often lack personality, but a well written blog can easily help you project your personality. Ultimately, people like to do business with a real person (and usually a person they like) and a blog can demonstrate there’s a real human being behind your business which should have the affect of making you more approachable.
  • A blog can be used to demonstrate your expertise or knowledge in a particular area. If people regard you as an expert or a leading authority in what you do then they will be far more likely to use your services.
  • A blog can be a nice easy way to get client feedback. Most blogs offer the reader the ability to leave a comment below a blog post. This can help you improve existing products/services, or develop new ones.
  • A blog can make your website ‘sticky’ and encourage repeat visits. If your website does nothing more than promote your services then there’s very little reason for anyone to return, but if your website is constantly providing new and useful content through your blog then people will more likely keep on returning and that keeps you in their awareness.

A website that provides unmatched value for money

Our standard web design service is  £695 (USD $1100) and gets you EVERYTHING you need for your business. Designed and optimised by web professionals to get to the top of the rankings.

This one off setup fee provides you with the full working website, topping the rankings and the backup to maximise its potential, with ongoing support in the form of business tips and articles to generate more business.

Your website is an important investment, and Top Therapist will help to recoup it’s costs and provide ongoing value to your business quickly.

Which ever company you decide to use, this is what you should be looking for in a website:

  • A website that looks professional, slick and impresses your visitors
  • A website that will always be found by people searching for your services
  • A website that’s easy to update and add new content
  • A website that is future-proof and grows with your business
  • A website that integrates with all aspects of your internet marketing such as social media, Facebook etc.

Here’s what you get for £595  (approx $940)

Initial consultation – by phone or Skype we’ll speak to you about your requirements and get clear with you about what the best keywords are to optimise your site for the search engines. Many business owners unwittingly choose the wrong keywords for their search engine optimisation and then fail to get new clients.

WordPress Installation and site build – We will set up your site for you with up to 20 pages of content (content must be provided by you, but we will advise you on that). We don’t just give you the standard WordPress installation, but we give you the super duper deluxe version with many of the top plugins pre-installed for you. See the full feature list.

Ongoing Support – Should you have any questions during the creation process, such as questions relating to content then feel free to give us a call.

Final Consultation and WordPress training – During a final call (Skype preferred) we will train you on how to use WordPress as well as give you plenty of tips and advice on how to have ongoing success with your website.

1 year hosting – Your first year of web hosting is free. After that it’s £75 a year, however you are free to take your site wherever you like. Almost any hosting company will be able to host your WordPress web site for you. If you already have a hosting company that you’re happy with then we will probably be able to setup your site with your current web host.

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